Friday, May 18, 2012

Roger Vivier

The Grand Opening Party of the Roger Vivier Boutique in South Coast Plaza was a night filled with champagne, hors d'oeurves from Marche Moderne, and live music.  Guests were able to meet the charming Bruno Frisoni amidst the chic shoes, bags, and clutches.  You could see his design asthetic in his personality; classic French style with bits of humor and unexpected charm in details. 

The boutique was a carefully planned juxtaposition of vintage Parisan accents and sleek, modern pieces.  Old French mirrors stood side by side with white linear leather sitting pieces, all placed carefully amidst the glorious shoes, bags, and jewelry.

My eyes went immediately to his purses.  The detailing in each piece was unexpected, quirky, and fun.  These pieces would be conversation starters and keepsakes that you'd pass on to your daughters.  As I have a boy, I'd obviously pass this to my daughter-in-law after a series of rigorous trials and tests.  Who are we kidding??!  I'll wait to give them to my granddaughter.  ;)

*image via Roger Vivier site

After the event, we were invited to candlelight dinner with Bruno Frisoni at Marche Moderne.  How lovely and fresh the patio looks!  This was the perfect ending to a fantastic evening celebrating Roger Vivier, Bruno Frisoni, and the amazing shoes and purses from this design powerhouse.

Best party favor!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mother's Day at the Club

Mother's Day at the Pacific Club has become a bit of a tradition for us.  Hubby, Knolton, and I usually take his mother, my parents, and friends along for the traditional Mother's Day buffet brunch.  Now, I'll be the first to tell you that I hate buffets.  Hate. Sharing. Food. Period!  I cringe at the idea of eating something that someone else might have touched, breathed on, looked at funny...  I will flat out refuse to share food on my plate with anyone, even friends and family.  "If my food looked so good to you, you should have ordered it yourself!"  Yeah, I'm that girl.

But I definitely make an exception for the special occasion buffets at the Pacific Club in Newport Beach.  Why?  One word...Bloody Mary Bar.  (OK, that was three words, but they should always be fused as one.)  This year was a bit more fun as they added a juice bar for the champagne, with choices of blood orange, mango, strawberry, tangerine, raspberry, and peach.  What a great and simple idea!  I'm definitely doing that for the next backyard party we throw.

Bloody Mary & Juice Bar
 If the Bloody Mary Bar weren't enough, they have a carving station, seafood station with king crab, lobster, oysters, shrimp, sushi, Dessert Bar with a chocolate fountain, and a Shortcake Station!  Yum!  My favorite is still the Bloody Mary Bar while Knolton was all over that chocolate Fountain; think he even took a cup to fill.  They have an amazing man-made lake next door to walk the kids to see ducks.  So cute!

Dessert Bar

Individual pound cake bites and marshmallows for dipping in the chocolate fountain

Carving Station

Seafood Station

Strawberry Shortcake Bar

Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day!  Knolton (and hubby) bought me a new camera, so hopefully you'll be seeing better pictures soon...

*photos by Knolton Clark

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Susan G Komen Pink Tie Ball

Susan G. Komen of Orange County held their annual Pink Tie Ball in Laguna Beach at the Festival of the Arts, where the Pageant of the Masters is held every summer.  The Pink Tie Ball Committee chooses unique venues each year, from the ball field of Angels Stadium to the private airport hangar of Atlantic Aviation.  The Komen Foundation strives to eradicate breast cancer by donating community grants to Orange County non-profit facilites that can offer free screening to residents. 
Art was the feature of the evening, with painted works by breast cancer survivors, donors, and volunteers in collaboration with renowned artist, Jerome Gastaldi, being featured and auctioned off. 

Guests purchased lanterns from the Tree of Hope, for a chance to win a $10,000 18-karat gold and diamond bracelet, generously donated by Black Starr & Frost.  Guess this wasn't my year, as someone else walked away with the bracelet by the end of the night.  But I did manage to win (or as my hubby puts it, "pay more than anyone else wants to" lol) the opportunity for a child to announce "Play Ball!" before an Angels game!  Lucky Knolton!

Carolyn Ausman, myself, Analisa Albert
Hubby and I, wearing Brunello Cucinelli
Festival of the Arts,
where the Pageant of the Masters is held every year

Pink cocktail of the evening, adorned with a starfruit

Great concept of paying $50 for a surprise wine pull to enjoy at dinner
Cathie Lawler and Bill Peters of Louis Vuitton
myself, Lori Kenyon of Ritual Cleanse, Richard Farley II
The family plus a buddy for Knolton!
"Play Ball!"

photos coutesy of Osusan Haraikawa, Tyler Jo Gaines, Richard J Eldridge, and myself

To donate or get more information for the Susan G. Komen Orange County Foundation

David Yurman Opening

Last week's opening party of the sleek and stylish David Yurman store in Orange County was in support of the Harvesters 20th Anniversary.  Sculptor David Yurman's iconic cable bracelet is the focus of the brand, with cable-style jewelry, watches, and thick statement cuffs adding a youthful flare to the line. 

A portion of the sales that evening was generously donated to the Harvesters, who fund 38 Kid's Cafe Programs throughout Orange County.  The Harvesters celebrated a milestone 20th Anniversary at this party, and it was only fitting that the money raised this evening alone would provide over 41,000 meals for the families of Orange County. Kudos ladies!

The charming David and Sybil Yurman

Wendy Nguyen of Wendy's Lookbook and party guests

Jennifer Segerstrom and I
Wearing Theory blose, Armani slacks, vintage men's braided belt,
vintage 60's necklace, Chanel Purse, Hermes cuff & charm, ippolita ring

Nicholas Gannon of Bask Magazine and Moira Kamgar

myself and David Yurman
*photos coutesy of David Yurman and the HL Group

David Yurman
South Coast Plaza 3333 Bristol St., Unit 2418
Costa Mesa CA, US 92626

(714) 444-1080

If you'd like to donate to the Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County or to get more information

Friday, May 11, 2012

Rose Pear Gin Cocktail

These hints of balmy summer days that we've been having in Orange County lately has made me antsy to start drinking refreshing summer spritzes and cocktails already.  Working with Rose Water recently to make a champagne cocktail for my last event, I decided to try a different type of pairing, introducing the sweet, honey flavor of a ripe pear and the herbal, slight anise tone of gin.  It's easy as pie (the store bought kind, not the hundred-step homemade kind) to make your own Simple Syrup, and this recipe can be modified to fit your particular taste.  Add more or less of the Simple Syrup or the Rose Water, or you could even change the recipe to a vodka for a cleaner taste.  I personally like the use of a herbal gin, as the whole rose pear herb gin concoction reminds me of garden party in the dusk.  Happy cocktail-ing!

Take 2 cups of granulated sugar

Add 2 cups of water

Slice up a pear, in no particular size or shape

Bring to a boil until pears are translucent (10 - 15 minutes)

Mash the pears, then continue cooking on medium heat
until lightly golden, then cool completely

Get a nice quality gin. I used this brand as it has a herbal flavor
that reminds me of a wild herb garden

Rose Water essence. Use in equal parts
to the Pear Simple Syrup. I used a
half tablespoon of each for a small glass.

After the Pear Simple Syrup and Rose Water are added,
pour the gin half way the glass, then add soda water to the rest.

Or super-size the glass and enjoy it outdoors!