Friday, May 11, 2012

Rose Pear Gin Cocktail

These hints of balmy summer days that we've been having in Orange County lately has made me antsy to start drinking refreshing summer spritzes and cocktails already.  Working with Rose Water recently to make a champagne cocktail for my last event, I decided to try a different type of pairing, introducing the sweet, honey flavor of a ripe pear and the herbal, slight anise tone of gin.  It's easy as pie (the store bought kind, not the hundred-step homemade kind) to make your own Simple Syrup, and this recipe can be modified to fit your particular taste.  Add more or less of the Simple Syrup or the Rose Water, or you could even change the recipe to a vodka for a cleaner taste.  I personally like the use of a herbal gin, as the whole rose pear herb gin concoction reminds me of garden party in the dusk.  Happy cocktail-ing!

Take 2 cups of granulated sugar

Add 2 cups of water

Slice up a pear, in no particular size or shape

Bring to a boil until pears are translucent (10 - 15 minutes)

Mash the pears, then continue cooking on medium heat
until lightly golden, then cool completely

Get a nice quality gin. I used this brand as it has a herbal flavor
that reminds me of a wild herb garden

Rose Water essence. Use in equal parts
to the Pear Simple Syrup. I used a
half tablespoon of each for a small glass.

After the Pear Simple Syrup and Rose Water are added,
pour the gin half way the glass, then add soda water to the rest.

Or super-size the glass and enjoy it outdoors!


  1. Loved this post Min Ji! See, this makes it seem like you're a domestic goddess

    1. No.... Let's not let that rumor out, completely unfounded. ;) But I'll make drinks for you, all day long, baby.