Monday, August 27, 2012

C Wonder at Fashion Island

I had to giggle at all the accessories at the newly opened C Wonder boutique at Fashion Island sporting the C initial.  I was telling my friend that it was named after me (for Clark).  Hey, after a margarita (or two) at lunch, that was pretty funny shiz. 

Gold Envelope Clutch. C for Clark!  ;)

The look and feel of the store reminds me of a cross between Trina Turk, J Crew, and Tory Burch.  It's no wonder that it has a similar feel to the Tory Burch brand, as Chris Burch is the ex-husband and co-founder of the line.  You can see its similarity in the bright colors and the preppy style, although it reminds me a bit more of a mod-60's Palm Springs socialite.  The pricing is quite affordable as well, with a majority of the pieces ranging from $25 - $200.

I immediately gravitated towards their jewelery section first.  Warm weather pieces came to mind, as large fun earrings, necklaces, and bracelets were displayed, showing bright colors and a lot of gold tones.  One of the more interesting pieces was the bracelet that bears a striking similarity to the Hermes Collier de Chien.  The Saffiano Studded Leather Bracelet is quite an affordable alternative at only $78.

Saffiano Studded Leather Bracelet
*photo via C Wonder website

The China and home goods were one of the most interesting features of the shop.  Whimsical plates with pictures of dog or zebras would make charming hostess gifts, as would the assortment of monogrammed cheeseboards and wine bottle toppers.  Monogrammed dishes would make perfect little candy dishes or a holder for loose knickknacks.

Love the C (Clark) monogram on everything! hehe. Must replicate for my home kitchen...

Another interesting idea for a gift or for yourself would be the complimentary monogram on various clothing or tote bags.  How adorable would a monogrammed blanket with a matching travel tote be as a birthday present for your jetsetter friend?  I was half tempted to monogram my initials on the booty pocket of my pants ala store mannequin.  Talk about "Baby got back!"  ;) 

Pets aren't excluded in this C lifestyle

One of the cool things I thought would be fun was the interchangeable belt buckles with the reversible leather belts.  At the fairly low price of $28 for the gold tone initial buckle and $38 for the tortoise tone, they'd be an easy collectible item for the various colored belts from $48 -$58 each.  I'm tempted to buy a K to wear for my kidlet, although many might wonder if it stands for "Kooky".  :)

It was a surprisingly fun store, and though most of the clothing might be a tad bright for me, the accessories and tableware are charming, fun, and Hampton's chic.  Definitely will be on my list for fab go-to Hostess gifts!

C Wonder
347 Newport Center Dr., Space #347
Newport Beach, CA 92660


  1. Wow...that store looks many great things in there to buy!