Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bond No.9

I have to admit that for such a big perfume lover, Bond No. 9 hasn't been on my radar.  Sure, I've seen their counters at Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus, but after a particularly aggressive perfume spray decacle, I categorized it as a heavy scent that didn't match my personality.  We've all had that happen; we're minding our own business, shopping for that special something and then bam!  You've been sprayed and now you smell like a musky (musty) old cigarette-smoking Grandma that's sporting Coty from the local drugstore.  Thanks, but I like vintage clothes, not vintage smells. 

With some trepidation, I accepted an invitation to meet the creator of Bond No.9 at a luncheon in Saks Fifth Avenue in South Coast Plaza.  Laurice Rahme was a charming, petite lady wearing a chic orange jacket, and she seemed just as spunky as her beautiful bottles.  Row after row of perfumes were laid out, named after New York locales like Park Avenue, Bryant Park, Madison Avenue, and Coney Island. 

Laurice Rahme
Laurice and her helpful assistants listened to my concerns about not smelling like a geriatric grannie, and helped me pick out a scent that was fruity and lightly floral.   And no, it was not the obvious "Chinatown", although many chuckled as I rolled my eyes at that.  Great to come away with another new favorite perfume, but I'll still be wary of perfume sprayers in the future.