Monday, November 7, 2011

Le Pain Quotidien

Every day at around 1:30pm, I do a little panic-filled dance.  I pick Knolton up from school by three, but before I do, I need need need to get him a snack.  "Why are you being so weird about food?", you ask?  Because my child has been absolutely spoiled by the Afterschool Snack Wars. 

It all started harmlessly enough, with little premade packages of goldfish and string cheese at pickup.  Then came his little voice the next day, "Johnny's mom brought him s'mores after school."  Huh??  Wha??  We're introducing sugar into this??  Alright.  Bring it on.  She brought s'mores?  I brought chocolate covered strawberries.  She brought cheese pizza?  I brought rosemary sourdough grilled cheese.  She brought brownies?  I brought macaroons made fresh by Amelia from Marche Moderne.  Booya!  In yo face, sucka!!!  

I eventually figured it was going a tad too far when I was calling Hamamori Restaurant for to-go orders of sushi for an afterschool snack between lunch and dinner...  Perspective, anyone???  I finally learned to tone down Knolton's snacks, but still have to admit that he's become used to something more than the average graham crackers and carton of milk.

I recently stumbled across Le Pain Quotidien, a new bakery that opened in Fashion Island.  They drew me in with their glossy storefront, and intoxicatingly warm scent, wafting at me as I strolled by exercising (aka shopping).

Their breads and pastries are made daily, and reminds me of a little Boulangerie in Burgundy.  They serve breakfast items, salads, quiches, and sandwiches made from their housemade breads.  Their menu consists of many organic selections, including various vegan items.

Their strength is still in their baked goods.  Being half French, Knolton is a fan of all things bread.  First day for snack was their crusty baguette.  Second day was their pain au chocolat.  Third day was the Pièce de résistance; a chocolate cookie the size of his face.  Holy smokes, Batman!  He thought it was the best cookie ever!   So what did we learn from this?...
That thanks to Le Pain Quotidien, I win, Johnny's Mom. 

Le Pain Quotidien
401 Newport Center Drive
Newport Beach, CA  92660


  1. Dear Min Ji,
    we are glad you won the Aftershool Snack Wars thanks to us! We hope to see you again soon!
    Le Pain Quotidien

  2. No. Thank YOU for the yumminess AND another reason to visit Fashion Island! Will definitely be back for more! ;)

    Min Ji