Monday, June 25, 2012

Ritual Wellness

These last several months of lunches, events, parties, and galas have been a whirlwind of fun.  I've oft neglected this blog as I was so busy doing too many neat things to actually have time to post about them.  Bad Min Ji!  But this blog wasn't the only thing that's suffered from the social merry go round of the last few months.

All the yummy food and tantilizing cocktails, in addition to the lack of sleep, have made me slow, groggy, and sluggish.  Although I'm a fan of organic hormone free products, that's been extremely difficult to maintain while at parties and dinners.  During the busy social season, I often feel bloated and exhausted, and I can't help but put some blame on the chemicals, additives, and hormones added to our food, water, and air supply.  

Not too many companies or restaurants can claim to be 100% organic and 100% recyclable, but local Orange County company Ritual Wellness can.  They source all their fruits and vegetables from local organic farmers while rigorously maintaining the high level of cleanliness that they're known for. 

Being one of the most highly renowned and trusted juice cleansing companies in Orange County, I decided to do the Rital Cleanse Reset for the second time. 

Ritual Cleanse Reset does exactly what it sounds like.  It resets your body to its ideal balance by cleansing your system of the toxins and pollutants it's exposed to on a daily basis.  The basic cleanse is a three day package of 6 juices, although you can add the Shred juices if you want to work out.

The first day will always be the hardest, as your body is craving the caffeine it's become addicted to, while trying to establish the right ph balance.  As this was my second time doing this juice cleanse, I stopped drinking coffee a couple of days before I started.  This was a HUGE plus in making this a much easier process, as the headache and nausea coming off of caffeine is not fun.  By not having any caffeine withdrawals, doing the Ritual Cleanse was easy and tasty. 

I drank six different juices every two hours, with plenty of water in between.  These six drinks equal 15lbs of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables a day!  My absolute favorite has to be the seasonal juice, which was mango, pineapple, green apple, and young coconut water.  Holy shiz!  This tastes like something I should be drinking poolside while cabana boys fan me with organic palm fronds.  teehee

I adore the packaging, from the uber stylish and 100% biodegradable bottles used to the great grocery tote and carrying case included.  Ritual Wellness was one of the first juice cleanse companies I've heard of that not only tries to maintain a healthy body, but has such a strong commitment to a healthy planet as well. 

At the end of my three days of the juice cleanse, I lost a bit over 5lbs, my skin was clearer, and my stomach felt healthier and flatter.  Truly, it wasn't that difficult to stay on the program, and I could easily see myself doing it for a longer time period in the future.

Ritual Wellness is offering OCRewind readers a 15% coupon to try their juice cleanse.  Just put OCREWIND15 as you check out, and this coupon will be available until July 10th, just in time for swimsuit season!  You'll love it as much as I did.  Happy juicing!


  1. Tried coupon code, got an alert saying the code was either invalid or expired :(

    1. Try it again! Just had Ritual Wellness extend the coupon date until the 15th. Good luck and tell me how you like it! xoxo