Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Palm Springs a go go

Palm Springs has always been an easy last minute trip for me, as it's only a little over an hour away from Orange County.  The warm weather, relaxed vibe, numerous vintage shops and endless plethora of pools give me a wide range of options during my trips.

Here are a few highlights!

The Colony Palms Hotel has a great pool area and the rooms are quite large and redone well.  It's just a touch too far to be considered walking distance from the main restaurant & shop area, but if you're a bit more energetic than I am, it probably won't be a big deal if you're in flats (hiss hiss! for both flats AND walking).   Service has always been great, and that's always a big plus for me when I'm on vacation.

Pool Cabana

Hendrick's martini, wine, and hummus

Loved this tray of medium sized liquor bottles in the room.  It's for your friends that aren't complete drunks but can handle more than a thimble-full.  Haha!  Must recreate in my guest room when friends stay over...

I always go the the Falls Restaurant for a martini even though it's not the best drink or the best food because A)It was the first martini I've ever seen with dry ice (even before Mastro's and their giant martinis) and B) the people watching is crazy!  People be loco in here!!! 

Fab chandeliers at Lulu's

Lulu's Restaurant was an anomoly for me, as I typically don't like "touristy" restaurants, and will normally avoid any establishment with people that have "farmer's tans".  However, the primarily white leather decor with great chandeliers and ceiling fixtures was Palm Springs glam chic, and the food was definitely good.  They have a great prefixe dinner menu, with one being $16.99 for a 3-course meal (choice of about a dozen different entrees) and the other being $22.99 for a 3-course dinner(including New York Steak, sole, etc).  Bear in mind, it's still very touristy, as the prices are reasonable and it's located in the middle of popular Palm Canyon Dr.  Just order an extra martini and ignore all the flashes going off from cameras.
Schweddy Donkey Balls - Ahahahahaha!

Melvyn's Restaurant at Ingleside Inn is one of those establishments that you have to try when you're in Palm Springs, if only for the fact that everyone's been there.  It's pretty quiet most days and evenings, except for a couple nights during the weekend when they're supposed to have a wild late night crowd.

I've only been there one time before, and I remember loving my sole.  The second time did not disappoint, as the traditionally prepared dish was as tender, flaky, and as flavorful as I recalled.  It's probably the best filet of sole dish I've ever had, even in comparison to chefs across the country in fine dining establishments.  The rest of my meal was just as good, as long as I ordered the basics, such as vicheysoisse (cold potato leek soup) or chicken pot pie.  The crust was nicely browned and delicate, while the creamy filling was full of carrots, peas, and large chucks of chicken. 

The decor makes me giggle, as it looks like I've stepped into time and landed in the 60's.  I like vintage things; why not vintage restaurants, right? ;)  The crowd during the day is a bit older (the table to my right had matching oxygen tanks), but as long as you don't turn around constantly looking for Darth Vader next to you("Kaaaaa Kheeee. Luke, I want your vicheysoisse"), you'll have a great meal.

Patio dining area


Chciken pot pie - Delish!

Stayed at the Ingleside Hotel in their Clark Gable/Carol Lombard Honeymoon Suite.  The location was fantastic, as it was closest to the pool.  Decor is a bit dated again, quite like the restaurant.  Where the look kind of works in Melvyn's, the rooms could definitely use refreshing.

Love the personalized matchbooks!

Pool area of Ingleside

The Palm Springs Air Museum was such fun.  We got to see the actual planes used during World War II, and most of the staff there served in the war.  Such an honor and privelege to get their experiences and stories firsthand.  A definite must do if you're in Palm Springs.

"Well hello, soldier."

Bathroom outfit shot. lol

Moved on over to the Parker Palm Springs Hotel for a few nights.  Definitely much further from the center of town than Colony Palms or Ingleside.  I really enjoyed my stay here, as I felt pampered and relaxed.  Loved the grounds and whimsy in design.  We wandered all over, playing giant chess, ping pong, and cricket.  The firepit was one of my son's favorite things, as you can order the makings of S'mores to be delivered to you. 

Family Pool

Sitting area next to the lobby

Lemonade Stand



 Vintage stores in Palm Springs are so cool, and you get such a great variety.  The 60's and 70's are strongly represented, and I could shop for hours...

Amazing white leather and lucite chairs. 

No trip to Palm Springs is complete with out breakfast or lunch at Pinocchio's.  Prepare for a bit of a wait, as this is no longer an Insider's little secret spot.  It could be the Bottomless champagne for $3.95 (It's not Dom or anything, so don't prepare to be wowed.  It's $3.95 "champagne" people, and it tastes like it), well drinks for $2.50, or the ever-popular Martini burger (burger & martini.  Simple but perfect).  I think it's the good food at huge portions.   My last Palm Springs meal was their egg white burrito with cheese, and a side of browned potatoes with plenty of tapatio.  With a Bloody Mary, of course.