Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Morton's Steakhouse

Most of my life, I grew up barely eating red meat.  Having an extremely healthy mother that likes to cook with very little butter or oils while serving extra veggies and lean proteins, I rarely ate steaks or even the traditional Korean barbeque dish, kalbi.  She even used to give me her special version of a "hot dog"; lettuce, tomato, cheese, bun, and hot sauce.  That's it; no meat.  Trust me when I say that was quite a dish.

Once I married my hubby and had my son, my tastebuds changed and I became quite the carnivore like the rest of my family.  While I still lean towards seafood and veggies, I'll often meet up with the hubby for a lunch date at Morton's Steakhouse in Costa Mesa.

Lunch menu

Love that pig!


The decor of the Morton's Steakhouse in Costa Mesa (right across the street from South Coast Plaza. Yeah, I like that...a lot) looks like a Men's Club with the wood paneling, leather booths, and wine lockers.  

I prefer lunches there to dinners, as nighttime is usually crowded and I like the feel of having a quieter dining experience.  They've also introduced a great 3-course lunch for $29, that includes a choice of a soup or salad, entree of a steak, seafood, or chicken, and dessert.  It's a great option for anyone that's on a budget.

Morton's is known for their steaks, and it's done well.  I love their Cajun Ribeye, but I normally ask them to Cajun (spicy rub) a New York or Porterhouse for me instead.  But I really enjoy a lot of their non-steak meals as well.  The seabass is amazing, the Chicken Christopher is a lightly breaded breast with a lemon caper cream sauce, and the Shrimp Alexander is my kidlet's absolute fav!  The sides are generously portioned, and you can totally have them tweak something for you.

Dessert's are great as well.  It's fairly traditional, like Carrot Cake, New York Cheesecake (flown in from New York), Chocolate Mousse, or a variety of Souffles.  The homemade whip cream and Zabaione are so phenomenal, that I'll often just order fresh berries with it.

Double cut Porterhouse

Sauteed brocolli. Doesn't come this way; must request

Steak fries. Again, not on menu, so you must ask for it

Best steak lunch deal in town

Spinach salad

Shortrib Stroganoff
Carrot Cake

Morton's Steakhouse
South Coast Plaza Village
1641 W. Sunflower Ave.
Santa Ana, CA 92704


  1. Wow I never knew about their lunch menu - that is such an awesome deal! Btw the porterhouse looks sooooo GOOD! Mmm...thanks for sharing!

    XoXo, Kimberly