Thursday, October 13, 2011

Birthday love

Just found these pictures on my camera from when my son and I celebrated our birthdays together for dinner at Bazaar in the SLS Hotel a couple of weeks ago.  (Yes, we only have one day between our birthdays. Long story about a twenty-something hour labor on my for everyone, right???).  I've always loved the whimsical creations of Jose Andres, and was super excited to have my hubby and Knolton (my twenty-something hour long birthday present) try his cuisine.  It's molecular gastronomy that actually tastes good, instead of like most places where it's all about the show.

Helmut Lang dress, Henri Bendel earrings and necklace, Hermes cuff
 Slight disclaimer here, Knolton is not a normal eater.  This is a kid that in Paris bistros will order two dozen escargots and the veal tongue and cheek.  He eats sushi like nobody's business, and I'm not talking about California Rolls. He's always been a dream to travel with, and can easily navigate most restaurants in the world.  (Okay, proud mama part is coming to an end... lol).

The kid and I ordered everything, with the hubby muttering something about how we were going to have stomach aches and need pepto with all the food we were consuming.  Canned sea urchin, Jamón Ibérico Fermin, Green asparagus tempura, Wild mushroom rice, Seared scallops, Croquetas de pollo, Sautéed shrimp, American caviar cone, Boneless chicken wings, Jicama wraps, Tortilla de patatas “new way”, Not your everyday Caprésé, Japanese taco (grilled eel), Smoked yellowtail and crispy rice, Dashi linguini, Olives two ways, Philly cheesesteak, and Foie gras mini-burgers.  What a smorgasborg of interesting tastes and textures, right?  Want to know what my sophisticated eater's favorite thing was?  The cotton candy foie gras.  He ordered SIX of them!  There goes my theory about worldly palates, blah blah blah... Guess a kid is still a kid.

cotton candy foie gras