Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Seaside Baby Shower

I've always wanted to throw a posh party in the lawn, and when our longtime friend became pregnant, my sister, Stefani, and I decided that this was our opportunity.  Long and dramatic, it was the perfect size for the backyard.

Little details make the table... The Beta fish (later renamed Gilligan) kept us all entertained between games.

Custom made flip flop party favors for the gal with the 6" heels (yes, most of the time that's me!).

Helmut Lang dress, Burberry wedge espadrilles
The two hostesses, Stefani and I. 

I'm such a fan of the dessert bar right now.  Most of the cakes were from different bakeries, but the caramel apples, chocolate covered strawberries, and chocolate lollipops were homemade the night before!