Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pizzeria Mozza bound

Decided to hit Pizzeria Mozza with some girlfriends today.  Being OC, everyone pounces on the New Uber Trendy It restaurant, and getting reservations is just slightly easier than achieving world peace while winning the Miss USA pageant at the same time.  Mission Accomplished, and one noon reservation later (after a series of calls and outright whining), I got dressed for a fun afternoon with the girls.
Sonia Rykiel dress, Christian Louboutin espadrilles, Hermes purse, Hermes scarf,
Kenneth Jay Lane earrings, Vintage 1920's Tiffany Men's watch, Vintage necklaces.

Time to get going to lunch...
Somewhere in a kitchen far far away, Mario Batali is chuckling his heart out.  As I walk up to the restaurant just shy of noon, I see a line of people twenty-five deep, all eagerly staring at the door. You can see them willing the minutes to pass quickly to twelve, the door to open and greet them with the scents of a wood burning pizza oven.  Trying to get forward to my waiting friends is a risky endeavor; no cuts allowed.  

As we get seated, I order a glass of prosecco and we start ordering like nobody's business.  We start with Arancine rice balls, Meatballs al forno, Nancy's chopped salad, Crispy goat cheese with lentils, Fried squash blossoms with ricotta, and Bone Marrow.  Everything was just okay, with the few exceptions being the goat cheese with savoury lentils (yum yum yum), and the bone marrow, served with toast, salt and pickled veg's.  Delicious, but soooo rich; you can only eat a few bites before giving in to the healthier options.  After-lunch angioplasty, anyone? 

Now's the time for the main attraction: Pizza!  Time to earn your money, Mr. Batali.  We start with the Coach farm goat cheese, leek, scallion, garlic, and bacon pizza.  Lightly aromatic and delicately flavored, Beatrice was a fan.  Now, I'm not a subtle kind of girl.  It's tasty, but I wanted something that was worth my standing in line like a tween hoping for a glance of the Bieber.  Lovely, but a bit ho hum...
Coach farm goat cheese, leek, scallion, garlic, and bacon pizza
Trying to go for something more exciting, we order the Squash blossom, tomato, and burrata pizza.  So pretty!  Crust had a lightly crisp, yet chewy texture.  The burrata melted into the squash blossoms, creating great complete bursts of flavor to that bite, but leaving other bites with no cheese and no squash blossom.  Again didn't quite wow any of us.
Squash blossom, tomato, and burrata pizza
Finally hit the pizza nirvana with the Finnochiona, tomato, mozzarella, and chile pizza.  It was like a grown up Pepperoni pizza!  The hot, crispy sliced finnochiona, with the slighty spicy peppers made my mouth do the happy dance.  Jen and I loved this pizza so much that we forgot to take a picture!  Now this is what the wait was all about.
Cathie ordered the Margherita pizza to go and we all took a quick peek before she bundled it up to go.  Do you think it tastes as good as it looks?
Margherita pizza
All in all, it was a good day!  Got to dress up, see friends, eat yummy food...  And the best part??  Hubby picking up our boy from school so I could slowly savor every bite!

Pizzeria Mozza
800 W Coast Hwy
Newport Beach, CA 92663
(949) 945-1126